Snohomish Carpet Cleaning offers the most thorough cleaning available today.

Every Job Includes:

Snohomish Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pre-inspection provides you with reasonable expectations.
  2. Pre-treatment, using an enzyme-based cleaner that’s people safe, pet safe, and environmentally safe.
  3. Powerful truck mount extraction with temperatures up to 250°. We also use a neutralizing rinse, not just plain water.
  4. Professional grooming. Helps with the drying process, looks nicer, and allows us to inspect our work so we know we got everything out that we could.
  5. Post inspection, provides you with our results.

Extra Services:

Snohomish Carpet Cleaning

  1. Dupont Teflon: Allows for quick easy clean up between professional cleanings.
  2. Pet Damage: Eliminate odors and stains when practical.
  3. Corrective Cleaning: The attempted removal of anything that doesn’t come out during normal cleaning process.
    Examples: paint, rust, nail polish.

We love to clean your favorite microfiber chair or sofa! We can clean all shapes and sizes of upholstered items, including chairs, sofas, ottomans and more.